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Heading out to RI tomorrow.
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My cat straight chillin on the couch.
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@zachlemieux during some test shots last week. @wearevanities

Rugrats was really twisted.

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without-anchors asked:
Do you have any tips on how to obtain photo passes? For example, the August 23rd show at the palladium? Tips or help of any kind would be extremely amazing, thanks!

Email one of the band’s publicists (AL4W, Lions Lions) and tell them who/when/where you want to shoot the band. A lot of the time they require you to be shooting for some type of press outlet but Its worth a shot. I used to shoot from the crowd with no pass at The Palladium upstairs I think only shooting from the stage requires a pass, I just shot Glass Cloud there and they wouldnt let anyone on stage without a pass but there were people with cameras in the crowd.

Go to this or live in regret for years to come.
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